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sâmbătă, februarie 07, 2009

"Homage to Anatol Mătăsaru"


I announce here a no deadline network art project in support of Anatol Mătăsaru's quest. Make an art object (mailart, collage, drawing, painting, street performance, etc...) related to Anatol Mătăsaru's quest and send it to me in the original or a scanned (300dpi) version. Any support of the international community of network artists will be highly appreciated! Take a stance!

Yr work will be published on this blog

as well as in Moldova's opposition newspapers. Eventually, if the amount of the works will allow it, they will be all published in a book "Homage to Anatol Mătăsaru." All the publications will be announced online. All the received works will be handed to Anatol Mătăsaru.

My address: Teodor Ajder, ul. Bernardynska 21, m.45, 02-904, Warsaw, Poland. You could also email yr work or just express yr solidarity with Anatol Mătăsaru at: Write down in the title of the email your name, occupation and country of origin. Thank you!

ANATOL MĂTĂSARU - a colorful, conceptual artist from Moldova has been arrested twice (in December 2008 and January 2009) by the country's police during his peaceful street performances.
see videos with two of his works that leaded to his arrest:

He has protested, using very creative forms of expression against the corruption of police and government, the infringement of human rights and of the free speech in Moldova. The works of Anatol Mătăsaru are for Moldovans what the pink tank of David Cerny is for Czechs.
miercuri, februarie 04, 2009
Dear friends,
I declare the project on self-portraits closed!
I thank you all for participating in it!
In a month or so I will announce the date and the place of the exhibition.
A final note: lately I had received a considerable number of works from distant corners of the world that I didn't publish online for time reasons. They will be however included in the final catalog!
I hope it will be a surprise for all the participants.
Teodor Ajder
Send your self portrait made in any media u prefer, as long as it is sendable via normal post, and your work will be part of an exhibition of MAIL-ARTISTS SELF PORTRAITS! Deadline> 31 December, 2008. A catalogue and exhibition info will be sent to each participant! No returns. Send your works to: Teodor Ajder, Poland, 02-904,Warsaw, ul.Bernardynska 21, m.45, Waiting for yr artifacts!

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