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luni, aprilie 14, 2008

a portrait of an imaginary mail artist;)

From Kiki, France... superb!


another wonderful work from

Servane Morel (Belgium)


a selfportrait from Kiki, France


from Lubomir Tymkiv,


his prroject:

mailarta from Canada...
miercuri, aprilie 09, 2008

A first contribution from Romania!
from Vladimir Bulat

Another wonderfull work from Angela Behrendt!;)

Notice the stamps!

Thank you!


Judith A. Skolnick



Roger Rapp,


vineri, aprilie 04, 2008

Isabelle Paillard, a self portrait on a CD.

Dear Isabelle, I am going to ask you about this in a postcard, but i will use the blog as well. It seems that your work lost something on its way from France to me - the stamp. Did you by any chance scanned your work before sending it to me? If yes can you send me your scan for the archive? If not, do you think you could send me the exact stamp you've used on this work, so that i could put it back?;)

While having the technical problems i mentioned before, i kept browsing the intnet, and i found a number of similar projects. One was an older project by Zenon from Spain.

It was a mail-art self portrait project on a very specific media... on old CD! You can see the documentation on the web page above. I wrote to Zenon and asked him to bring his project to the exhibition I am planning. I hope we could unify our projects... So it is quite interesting that I got this CD-selfportrait from Isabelle just now!;)

Therere is also another ongoing project of Ruud Janssen, here it is. Ruud is asking for photographs of mail artists:


from Ct.Pf.Jospeh A. Uphoff, Jr. USA


Roland Halbritter, Germany

Wonderfull work from Catherine Delli

Send your self portrait made in any media u prefer, as long as it is sendable via normal post, and your work will be part of an exhibition of MAIL-ARTISTS SELF PORTRAITS! Deadline> 31 December, 2008. A catalogue and exhibition info will be sent to each participant! No returns. Send your works to: Teodor Ajder, Poland, 02-904,Warsaw, ul.Bernardynska 21, m.45, Waiting for yr artifacts!

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