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duminică, decembrie 23, 2007
  2008, the year of the rat

This is letter "ne" or "nezumi" of the Japanese script,
people in Japan write this letter, and share it with each other, hoping for the best in the new coming 2008!
I want to do the same thing, although i am not in Japan at the moment, congratulate all the people who contributed to the project till this moment, as well as the visitors of this site, and wish them all a happy 2008, and hope that our friendship will last!

Teo Ajder
miercuri, decembrie 12, 2007
from Heike Sackmann, Germany

Carlos Botana, from Spain,
his mailart project: THE SEA
(deadline, end of 2007, size max:A4, no return, answer and interchange to everybody.)


Russell Manning, USA

Chuck Gattuso,
and an invitation to a mailart call:

A portrait of my sister, Lenutza.

O serie de autoportrete impaturite-n doua de la Claudio Jaccarino,
/comuna baires, via parenzo 7- 20143, Milano, Italia/

Michael McCormick,
(pen and pencils)
joi, decembrie 06, 2007

Un foarte mic autoportret intr-un foarte mare plic din SUA!
A small self-portrait in a very big envelope! from USA!

Josh Ronsea,

Asliza Aris, Malaysia
Vlad, poti sa-mi traduci ce scrie aici?
Am impresia ca e o lucrare de la JL.Cavellec,

De la "E", din Franta!
Send your self portrait made in any media u prefer, as long as it is sendable via normal post, and your work will be part of an exhibition of MAIL-ARTISTS SELF PORTRAITS! Deadline> 31 December, 2008. A catalogue and exhibition info will be sent to each participant! No returns. Send your works to: Teodor Ajder, Poland, 02-904,Warsaw, ul.Bernardynska 21, m.45, Waiting for yr artifacts!

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